Republican Party

of Surry County, NC

The Surry County 2017 GOP Convention is coming up on March 25th at Temple Baptist Church. Registration runs from 8am - 9am with proceedings to noon.

Am I A Republican?

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You may be wondering what a Republican is and if you are one.

If you agree with the following statements then you believe in Republican principles.

  • I believe that the U. S. and N.C. Constitutions are to be adhered to by judges; judges should not legislate from the bench.

  • I believe that government should stop spending so much money and start cutting its costs.

  • I believe in a free-market economy, with as little government involvement as possible.

  • I believe that a balanced budget should be required for the federal government.

  • I believe that spending cuts are the answer to help grow the economy, not more taxation.

  • I believe in privatized health care, not government-run health care.

  • I believe in fully supporting our military at home and abroad.

  • I believe all voters should have legitimate photo identification in order to vote.

  • I believe in my country moving toward energy independence.

  • I believe in the right of parents to be able to choose where their child(ren) attend(s) schools, be it public, private, home, or charter school.

  • I believe in traditional marriage: a union between one man and one woman.

  • I believe in the sanctity of human life at all stages (conception through natural death).

  • I believe in the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

  • I believe elected officials should act ethically.

***The idea for this page spawned from Nathan Tabor's seminar from the 2011 NCGOP State Convention on June 4, 2011, and the text for this page was borrowed and adapted from on July 30, 2011.***