Surry County GOP HQ is located at:

482 Mayberry Mall

Mount Airy, NC 27030

GOP HQ Phone: (336) 648-8180

From the Chairman...

I would like to thank everyone that attended Saturday’s Surry County Republican Party Convention and especially thank those that stepped up to run for office.  Whether your favorite candidate won or lost, I truly hope we can unite as Republicans with common goals of supporting and defending the Republican Platform and electing Republicans to office. I invite everyone to attend our next Executive Committee Meeting which will be announced very soon.

I also want to recognize Gayle Grey Norman as your new Vice Chair, Wanda Stanley as your new Secretary, and Charlie Askins as your new Treasurer. We will try to list the new Precinct Chairs on this site in the coming days.

Finally, we should all thank the outgoing Officers and Precinct Chairs. Party work is often a thankless task, but Surry County Republicans owe thanks to all of them for their hard work to make the Party a success in recent years.

Former Chair Dan Kiger
Former Vice Chair Darin Moser
Former Secretary Karen Atkins Noonkester

I still don't have the final list of changes among Precinct Chairs, but thanks to all of you who served in the past.

Mark Jones

Surry County GOP Chairman

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The Surry County 2017 GOP Convention is coming up on March 25th at Temple Baptist Church. Registration runs from 8am - 9am with proceedings to noon.

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